Colorful Abstract Acrylic - Gnarled Muse

Colorful abstract acrylic piece, taken from a gnarl found in tree trunk.  I promised myself I wouldnt torture myself over this one.  I put on the metallic highlights and I began to hear the painting yell STOP.  I like the way it turned out and had a lot of fun with this one.

The final piece is a bright and colorful abstraction of the yellow, gold and brown hues with black and blue shadows and red highlights.  No texture, other than that created by the eye by the placement of color and line.
The title is GNARLED MUSE, muse meaning being absorbed in ones own thoughts, which is often how my mind works - often absorbed in tangle thoughts and ideas which bounce from one to the other in rapid succession.  Might be why I have such a hard time sleeping.

Colorful piece would do well as an accent to simpler modern home, as well as a more earthy rustic home.

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