Textured Acrylic Abstract - The Ethereal Forest

ETHEREAL FOREST - Final outcome of my tissue paper piece.  Now that I have varnished this piece, it really brings out all the intricate colors, as well as all the texture from the folds of the tissue paper.  The tissue paper even created a nice bark-like effect on the tree forms.  I added in a bushy tree at the right using torn pieces of tissue paper. 

The tissue paper creates numerous different effects by the way it takes the color painted on it.  The smaller torn pieces of the bush took simple hues and created a variety of color.  Light staining of color on the tree forms made a great bark effect.  And the linear highlighting created gave it all natural linear effects or grass and bark.

Few years later, added bushes to area at light, between trees, to give it more balance. See the November 2014 Review, Rework and Re-photograph posting.

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