Colorful Textured Abstract Acrylic - Molten Verdure

MOLTEN VERDURE - Colorful Textured abstract acrylic; signed and varnished.  Verdure is a grassy area, often with herbage and wildflowers.  An orange and red molten area seems to pull away an area of green and yellow sod along with it, which is raised, and stamped with the floral areas.

Gold area in the foreground is textured, with the feel of thatch.  The background of various shades of blue, green and purple have a gold metallic linear patter to add interest.

This colorful piece is loaded with textures, patterns and colors to keep the eye busy and interested. Can be utilized in any color scheme and will be signed on back, so that whoever adopts it can use any placement. 20x30 signed and with Certificate of Authenticity.  
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