Getting In Depth/After the Horse

I am going to start a series of in depth information about my pieces.  May not be able to do daily, but hope it will give everyone a better understanding of each piece and my work.....starting with After the Horse.

This abstract acylic piece was not made for the sake of depicting the motorcycle, but for the variety of colors, patterns and textures it has.  It is taken from an old Harley Sportster Rat Bike my husband had.  I don't look at it for the power or speed of the bike.  My memory of this piece was early mornings, hearing the thump, thump, thump of my husband trying to start the bike and the inevitable groan of pain when it would kick him back.....resulting in a semi-permanent bruising on his leg.

More to be written about this is full of memories and visuals.  I do want those who see it to know that I will gladly accept commission for a piece to depict their bike. Contact me here, or by any of my ABTRACTED PERCEPTION sites.