Textured Acrylic Abstract - Review Etherial Forest

While I am waiting to finish up the small addition to my last painting, and to complete the next I have 2/3 done; I am going to continue my review of my older paintings.

Etherial Forest was my first painting using tissue paper, and I still absolutely love the feel of nature it gives.  This is the complete painting as it looks on the wall.

The bushy part of my piece was made from leafy torn pieces of tissue paper.

These two show how black wash added over, makes it look like willowy slender branches.  A closer look will also show how the tissue paper helped to make the trees have a wonderful bark-like appearance.  Notice in the background the ghost image of a tree farther away.  The variety of green hues give great dimension to the piece.

Finally, I show a closer view of the bush, with the dirty, gritty and shadowed appearance you would see behind such an object.

This is a sweet smaller 18 x 24 piece, great for a smaller room or wall you might find by a stairwell, or an office space.  It is well varnished, so it is not fragile.  

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