Textured Acrylic Abstract - Cleaned up Sunburst Centre

Highlighted and cleaned up my textured acylic abstract, Sunburst Centre, a bit more. Now the bottom blends has the additional highlight of green, to blend into the green backgrounds, as well as now being better able to see the contrasting and highlighting colors of blues, red and others.

Sunburst is raised texture, with textured radiating lines.  Lines are somewhat translucent.

Highlights of an almost marble effect on these raised sqares, of purples, cream and 
metallic band.  Also not the red bubbles of color that float within the pieces.

The bronze raised coins, give dimension to the piece, as well as making the connection between the two areas of the painting.  The muted band of dotting makes the transition less harsh, and the added highlighting of green in the brown, makes it less stark of a transition.  Certificare of Authenticity included. 

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