Textured Acrylic Abstract - Review of Wisdom

WISDOM - While I am waiting for one painting to cure, so I can varnish it, and waiting for base and texture to  dry on another.....I am going to review another of my older pieces.  This was from a challenge my son gave me, to paint WISDOM.

This textured acylic abstract is a very busy and intense piece.  The huge variety of lines, dots, swirls, as well as the numerous patterns of the piece, keeps the eye and imagination busy.

SEE 3/27 REWORK; just changed the orange and brown background to greens, which makes more sense with piece.  OFF MARKET:  Piece now going to where idea originated, with my son

The area above the trunk is a variety of browns, mustards and more, with the dotted texture throughout, which spills into the grittiness of the trunk below- with a feel of a vicious storm bearing downward. 

The base of the trunk area is a gritty area, giving it a feeling of aged and molded bark

 The base is an active area of blues to cream with highlights of orange, yellow and other highlights
The sides are mottled with browns and reds, which continue to feeling of stormclouds in the distance.  All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity.