Abstracted Perceptions - Review, Rework and Re-photographing

Havent been lazy re: posting, but have been reviewing, reworking and re-photographing a few pieces.

For my Etherial Forest, I loved it, but after a while, realized it was a little lopsided.  So with the addition of torn tissue paper shrubs in the upper middle, the piece became much more centered.  It also added more depth, since the area of the piece depicting light coming through the canopy, now had a real place to land.

I took some new photographs of my Orbit piece, to better show the colors within the aura of the galaxy the planets are placed in.

Finally, I re-photographed my Deluge piece, to better show the variation of colors, lines and textures.  Though further away, the piece looks more blue, in actuality, there is a huge variation of hues that create the idea of heavy rain, reflection and refraction.