Textured Geometric Abstract Rework - BARRE RUGGINE

BARRE RUGGINE - Final piece created from Wet Rustica.  Even after the previous changes, still had too much of a "meaty" look to it, so made additions that took it to a more geometric piece.  You can see alot from the original, but this really stands out.

Could be bought as a dyptic or chose the part that speaks to you the most.

The darker like is a raised form, with the addition of muted dark crackled area, seen best on left.  The small light geometric area is raised, and is actually a mix of the red orange paint along with Interference Blue so it is a pearly mix of pinks, blues and light purple.

The colored bars, actually have nice texture and a variety of color and shadow.  The bars added to my original idea of rust gives it the name BARRE RUGGINE.

You can buy a piece or view a gallery of my work at ETSY, YESSY or Fine Art America to buy prints and other merchandise at:  http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/gail-stivers.html