Abstract Tissue Paper piece: WINDBLOW CHAFF

Took this canvas that had been used in an attempt to work with my daughter in law and see if she would like to try painting - in hopes we might have something we could do together.  After a few beginning step, without much real interest, and having been left when she went up Northwest, I decided to use the canvas.

This 24x36 inch abstract acrylic piece has been created with Flexall, to create the dark gritty borders at the bottom and the linear drips on the green below.  I covered over her beginning attempts with  tissue paper, and it now gives the look of a swirling wind of straw or chaff.

Interference blue has been added to the curved lines which give the idea of an almost weather symbol form.

The circular area is a great mix of the colors of the gray, brown, black and white, found throughout this piece - giving it dimension while adding interest to the rest.

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