How Spoiled Are We?

Woke this morning to 27 degrees (mind you, this is N. Florida) and no hot water.  I suspect that the cold was just to much for it to take.  Not too thrilled with spitz bath and cold hair washing, but not worse for wear. 

Makes me think about how totally spoiled we are as todays artists.  We have our tubes and colors in every size and medium, our premade and gessoed canvases, and a myriad of other niceties we didn't have in the past.  Look back and think what you could deal with and what niceties you couldn't live without.

I remember in school having to put together frames, pull and staple canvas...and redo if still wrinkled...and the gesso upon gesso, just in order to paint.  I could if I had to, but this is the one thing I would rather not deal with.  How do you feel?