January 18th - Saddest Day of the Year?

Listening to news while eating breakfast today and taking my vitamins to get ready for the cold we are having in North Florida.

The newscaster said today is the saddest day of the year because this is the day when people see themselves not keeping New Years resolutions.  My question is, "Why set yourself up for failure?"  If you only set goals and work to better yourself once a year, then you have already failed.

Your life, as your art, should be a series of daily, weekly, monthly challenges.  You say you want to do the 30 day challenge of one painting a day?  That is great if your whole life only revolves around your art, but many of us are still working, or raising a family.  So don't be so upset when life happens, and just go with it.  You don't know what today or tomorrow may bring that will help your art or process.
Creating your art should be challenging, but it should also be a joyous process....otherwise, why do it?  Or are you looking at how to create in a totally wrong viewpoint?  If found out early on, realism was not fun, and often more like work....so I now thouroughly enjoy abstraction.