My bathroom has been under construction for a month, between re-routing plumbing and remodeling, dust has been flying everywhere.  Looks like I will be even further behind in my pieces this year.  At least have one bathroom back, and this one will be great for husbands aches and pains.


My son chose ETHEREAL FOREST for a friend who is helping him out while life is a little up in the air.  And anyone who cares for my son, is a great friend of mine also.  So package should be arriving soonest.

Great piece, created from a variety of tissue paper pieces, which made an almost batik look to piece.  Anyone wanting a generally like piece can contact me for a commission.


Have been having quite a hard time between a long and painful bout with Plantars Fasciitis, and then my yearly bout with a lung/sinus infection.  I am even more behind my finished pieces and posting.

Since I am behind on where I usually am in new pieces to post, but still am excited about some of the rework plans I have; I have decided to keep one on my drafting table, and put a rework on easel.  While one is drying/curing, will work on the next.  Hopefully I will  have two posts to place soon.

Rework of UNDULATE AND FLOW:  Textured acrylic abstract 24x30. Highly varnished and textured.  Took it for juvenile pattern to what I am told looks like the jungle flower with the huge center.  Now playful, colorful with movement, texture and line.  $520

You can buy a piece or view a gallery of my work at ETSY, YESSY or Fine Art America to buy prints and other merchandise at:

Ready for Some Experimentation

Almost done with the rework on Undulate and Flow.  Ended up using a fiery, almost flowery background, and is working well.  Will post it soon. 

Have been in pain with Plantars Fasciitis for several months and now that I am feeling better, looking at doing some experimentation, since my friend brought me a bunch of canvases.  Looking at making something totally free of form or more like watercolor abstract.  Want to get where I can create something quicker, without torturing myself over each piece. 

In between, have a few more of my pieces that I have plans to rework.  Still not happy with the amount of viewing I have, so after some experimenting, am excited about these new ideas.


So excited; a friend has just brought me a bunch of canvases, some still in the package.  His mother is no longer able to paint.  This is just in time for my classes with Filomena.  God answers prayers.


Now am trying a couple plans to see if there is anything I can do for UNDULATE AND FLOW.  Folded main piece still doesn't look right, so feel I need to take the hard edges out, and try something with some geometrics.

SOLD - Abstract Water Painting - BLUE HOLE

BLUE HOLE, is an area of Itchetucknee Springs which is a large cave-like area in the rock thru which water spills.

During the dry season, the green material gets yellow and brown, as seen at bottom.  Then when the rains start again, some of the color is shown under the water.

On the right of the craggy rock surface, you can see the reflection of the waters movement.

BLUE HOLE NOW SOLD - to good friend who suggested piece.

Blue Hole in planning stages

Have decided to make an abstract of our local Springs area, called the Blue Hole.  This was the piece that my friend had wanted, so I am just going to create a smaller version.  It wont be large one he can contemplate on while in den, but maybe it will be closer to what he can afford.  If not, it will still be a nice piece to add to my repertoire.

See the February 5th posting of ideas, and it is at bottom right.  Have placed the dark background, and placed general plan and coloring down.

Family and Friends - How do you price your work?

While checking out a plan for a piece, a friend got quite excited and was ready to make a commission for the creation of the piece.   But then reality got a hold of him.

My first question for viewers is - Do you have your price listing and your Commission Agreement created and ready for review?  Even when using a Friends/Family quote for the size of piece he wanted, it was still to much for him.  Be sure you have your list and agreement ready for review with a possible purchaser, so you can back up what and why your prices are what they are.

My second question for viewers is - Do you stick to your price list because you feel your time and your work is worth the price, or do you give in and given them the price they can deal with?  Even when lowering the hourly costs, it was still too much.  But to go so low that you only get back mostly just materials and little more? How do you handle friends/family requests?


Have been checking out past paintings for year, and not counting reworks, have an average of 8 per year.  This means I am already behind, so am looking at some plans I made for another lava painting, or a couple water paintings.  One an abstract of a springs area here and another of a rock pool.  Need to get started on something soon to keep my average up.



As an artist, some of your creations feel almost like your children.  You want to spread your art, but are sorry to see them go.  

This is one of my "babies" COULEE CRAG - was excited that it found a wonderful new home.  She looks perfect.  Thx Ria.

Textured Abstract Landscape- PARCHED REWORK

Just general changes to PARCHED, by taking out the rose colored pieces that felt totally out of place, and enhancing the colors of mustard, orange and green.  Some dark linear areas kept with a ghost image.  Piece fits right in with a rustic home.

You can buy a piece or view a gallery of my work at ETSY, YESSY or Fine Art America to buy prints and other merchandise at:

How Spoiled Are We?

Woke this morning to 27 degrees (mind you, this is N. Florida) and no hot water.  I suspect that the cold was just to much for it to take.  Not too thrilled with spitz bath and cold hair washing, but not worse for wear. 

Makes me think about how totally spoiled we are as todays artists.  We have our tubes and colors in every size and medium, our premade and gessoed canvases, and a myriad of other niceties we didn't have in the past.  Look back and think what you could deal with and what niceties you couldn't live without.

I remember in school having to put together frames, pull and staple canvas...and redo if still wrinkled...and the gesso upon gesso, just in order to paint.  I could if I had to, but this is the one thing I would rather not deal with.  How do you feel?